About JewelrySheWants.com

How do we operate our core business?

JewelrySheWants.com is an online jewelry retail store, with the capability of selling top selling jewelry to any country worldwide. We diligently and continually source best selling jewelry products from our suppliers all over the world. Our logic reasons that whenever a jewelry item becomes a top seller it has to be a product that is acceptable to buyers in both price and quality. Our online store only sells top selling products. Period.

How do we screen and validate our suppliers?

Easy. Among other aspects we look at 3 main qualifying criteria -

  • Our supplier must be in business for more than a year.
  • The wholesale jewelry product that we buy from them must have a verifiable best selling retail track record.
  • How good or bad other wholesale buyers rates the supplier in question.

Where can "specials" or "discounts" be found on JewelrySheWants.com ?

We do offer "free + $9.95 shipping,handling & packaging" products, but only on selected advertising campaigns on various advertising platforms such as Facebook, Bing, Google, BuySellAds and others. Sometimes we offer "50% discount + free shipping". These offers are only available via our promotional campaigns, and can not be found anywhere else on our website.

These offers are designed to get customers to our shop, otherwise our website will be lost among millions of other websites on Google, Yahoo and others.

How can we afford to give away our promotional products for free?

Most retail business uses this same easy-to-understand concept. For example:

Your local general store sells many things apart from bread and milk. But they sell bread and milk at break-even prices. Why? They know their customers must get fresh milk and bread every day. Apart from milk and bread, these customers naturally buys other products in their store as well.

Our "free + just pay shipping, packaging and handling" offers does the same job. They lead customers to our store or at least make customers aware of our store. Once our new customers enters and explores JewelrySheWants.com, they discover more new and exiting best seller jewelry. A certain percentage of visitors like what they see and turns into satisfied buying customers.

For any more questions concerning JewelrySheWants.com feel free to email us at any time. We will respond.